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Shay Alexander

Shay Alexander

“I dropped more than 15 pounds and 3 dress sizes!”

Body boss is life-changing! TEST I used to hate trying on clothes, but after I dropped more than 15 pounds and 3 sizes, I had an awesome NSV moment when I hit the dressing room & tried on this black pant suit that fit me so good! Totally recommend BodyBoss! I feel so happy! And, yeah, that pantsuit came home with me!

Here I am at week 5, “I almost ate a whole thing of Coconut Bliss ice-cream last night. But besides that, I’ve been doing pretty good.” So, okay, Ladies, I’m not gonna lie, I eat pretty clean mostly, but about 20% i’m drinking wine & cocktails and eating CHOCOLATE CAKE because those things are just as important to keep me happy

I will still continue this journey of strength & nourishing my body with proper nutrients and protein. You ladies in our BossBabe community are all so loving and supportive. THANKS to each and every one of you!!!

With Love
Shay Alexander

Signature Shay Alexander
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Flavian Lawn

Flavian Lawn

“I feel strong and fit and much happier about the way I look and feel”

Im turning 40 and had my second child in July last year. I put on over 60 lbs and wasn’t happy at all about it. So in January this year I started a diet program called Nutrimed and have lost 83 lbs since my son’s birth (57 since January) and even though I looked thin I needed urgent toning and needed to get in shape.

A friend of mine mentioned the program and told me I should try. She sent me the week trial and I loved it. I bought the guide a little over 2 months ago and my body has transformed. I feel strong and fit and much happier about the way I look and feel.

I have been influencing a lot of my friends to give it a try as I get a lot of compliments and questions about my body change. I have decided to take it seriously and thought about getting certified as wellness coach/personal trainer.

Flavian Lawn

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Kim Lyons

Kim Lyons

Athlete, Martial Arts, Sports
Presenter, Fitness Coach, NASM

Deseree Flores

Deseree Flores

Prenatal specialist, PET, CES,

Gordon Phonekeo

Gordon Phonekeo

Personal Trainer, Strength &
Conditioning Trainer

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Image Melissa Forseth

I finished the program about two weeks ago. 20lb and a total of 14 inches between my belly, waist, and thighs. I feel so much more confident! Thanks BodyBoss Method!

Image Molly Howley

It was BB that got me into a fitness routine for the first time in my life and it's thanks to BB that I have the body I have now.

Image Chelsea Meek

Today I am down from 143-133 and lost a total of 6 inches...Thank you for helping me find my confidence in exercise again :)

Image Stacey Ferguson

I lost an amazing 35 pounds and dropped three dress sizes! I feel so confident and strong. I love #BodyBoss so much I’m doing it all again

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