The Method

Get great fat-burning, body-toning, curve-shaping results.

Take your fitness to thenext level

  • Burn fat
  • Tone muscles
  • Improve fitness
  • Train smarter

The program combines HIIT

(High Intensity Interval Training)

We bring it with the highest quality fitness and nutrition guidance for the best results, anytime, anyplace.

BodyBoss is a video workout platform, bringing together women from around the world who motivate & inspire each other while smashing the BodyBoss unique daily workouts.

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Boost your metabolism!

Owing these routines will stimulate circulation, strengthen muscles and bones, and boost metabolism.  We don’t play any routines on repeat, so your workout is unique every time! Plus, each workout is the same for our members across the world, so YOU ARE NEVER ALONE as you smash your new fitness goals!

What is unique about BodyBoss Tone?

We’ve combined the science of rapid fat loss, lean muscle building, strengthening and injury prevention to create a holistic program we define as the 5-in-1 method. On the BodyBoss Tone platform, women around the world will do the exact same workout as you do, so we are in it together! Share your workout results, the highs, the lows, the sweat and tears!

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Train with millions of women just like you

Do it anytime, any place! BodyBoss Tone goes where you go and where women work out!

Minimal equipment is required, so you spend less time gym trekking, and more time getting results.  Sweat, stretch and smile with like-minded women the world over, as we motivate each other!

World-Renowned BodyBosspro coaches & routines

BodyBoss Tone makes it easier for you to transform your body, on your schedule and in your own home!

Bodyboss Pro Coaches are world-renowned, certified, highly trained, caring and dedicated to helping you hit your fitness, nutrition and lifestyle goals.

Results you can expect

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After 3 weeks of BodyBoss Tone, you can expect:

  • Feel the benefits of the After Burn effect
  • Initial fat loss around the stomach, hips & legs
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Starting to really enjoy the workouts
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After 6 weeks of the program, you’ll start to see:

  • Increased metabolism
  • Dramatic increase in aerobic fitness
  • You can feel those abs
  • Weight loss and more toned physique
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After 12 weeks of lifting like a pro, you’ll have gained

  • 86% of members lost 8 lbs / 3.5kg or more
  • Complete transformation of your core, strength & fitness
  • At least 40% more toned muscles
  • And a big serving of confidence